Amaya is a charity that actively supports vulnerable children and adults with essential clothing, footwear and accessories in Ghana and other neighboring countries in West Africa.


We specifically focus on children orphanages, women shelters, refugee camps and those who live in remote villages that do not have the benefit of  basic living requirements such as running water and electricity.


We are reliant on the general public to provide us with donations and 'HAND ME UP' items of clothing’s as we have vividly witnessed just how much an individual's confidence & morale can positively change solely because of the clothing they are wearing.


















Only a few people would have had the experience of wearing a new custom tailored made suit or dress - but we all have that favorite item of clothing in our wardrobe that makes us feel beautiful, confident and positive, therefore our mission is to be that handover that will provide those less fortunate with the same positive spirit.


According to the latest available UN figures, the UK is the second largest exporter of used clothing, after the US, and we are happy to be a part of the worldly community that continues to provide those living in poverty stricken countries with adequate clothing that can increase health and reduce the chance of various diseases.







We inspect every clothing item we receive from the general public to identify:


1. If it is still in good & wearable condition.

2. If it is not damaged or torn


Any item that does not meet the above 2 conditions is used in our 'Transforming clothes' project - which uses unwearable donated items of clothing and African fabric (also donated by the African diaspora community) to revamp, re-design and reproduce a completely different item of clothing.


This project also provides the additional benefit of providing income to those in need as we only work with local seamstresses and tailors in the same remote communities we carry out our charitable mission.


Through this project, we ensure that 100% of the items received are used, as we do not discard any item regardless of its condition, as every jeans, buttons, belts, bags etc. can be used to bring a smile to somebody else - INCLUDING YOU.





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